Basic intro to our new bug tracker! From, where everything goes and hopefully the answers to any questions you might have.
Added by Will DeBerry over 3 years ago

This is just a quick overview of the layout we are trying to achieve with this tracker and how the bugs are tackled.

Basically as you might have noticed already, there are a couple different area for projects. This is really only broken up into a few categories; AOKP, Devices, Web Services.

*AOKP: This is for all general ROM related bugs that you might find. All else fails, if you are unsure, file the bug here and it will be moved if needed.
*Devices: Find the specific device that is having the issue with the device and create/assign the issue to that project. These type of bugs usually only exist on the one device or the family of devices.
*Web Services: the final section, you guessed it, is for anything website related. That consists of AOKP.co, gerrit.AOKP.co, and of course this page too, bugs.AOKP.co. If there is anything wrong with the themes that something can't be read, or links don't work, file a ticket here. One of the web admins will pick it up and take it from there.

As always, we are available to answer any questions via Twitter, IRC, and the normal areas on the forums.