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01:23 AM Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Bug #272 (Feedback): ART isn't working
ART is still considered in development.
With that in mind, please try the latest nightly and report back please.
01:22 AM Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Bug #273 (Feedback): powerbutton not very responsive
Please test in the latest nightly and report back.


03:36 PM AOKP Bug #286 (Closed): long boot up time
Received email directly from Nick
Nicholo Pardines <nick123abl@gmail.com>
3:41 AM (5 hours ago)
to me
sorry ...
05:23 AM AOKP Bug #286: long boot up time
Running a build I did tonight and twrp 2.6.0 and can't reproduce. Tried just booting into and right back out of recov...
03:19 AM AOKP Bug #286 (Feedback): long boot up time
03:18 AM AOKP Bug #286: long boot up time
Does this only happen after flashing or anytime you boot to recovery and then back to system?


05:58 PM Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Bug #226 (Acknowledged): Custom Kernel and Custom Ringtone
05:56 PM Galaxy S3 (Intl. / i9300) Support #225 (Closed): Navigation Ring KitKat nightly2014/02/01
Peter Tewes wrote:
> many thanks for the answer,
> in unofficial build from 17.02.14 Navbar can enable and works gr...


04:26 AM Galaxy Nexus (GSM / Maguro) Feature #70 (Closed): Automatic filtering when dialing numbers in Phone
Please test in latest nightly.
04:26 AM AOKP Feature #3: Disable Logging (Log.* methods)
Still relevant in kk or shall we close this out? :)

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